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oh  hey  girl!

LIW by Miranda Lissette

Miranda is wearing "yoda 1-4 me"

Welcome to Lashes in Wonderland!!

We are your new PLUG for all your lash hopes and dreams! 

We currently offer a wide variety of different styles of cruelty-free 3D & 5D mink lashes cultivated for all types of eye shapes and sizes! 

Our lashes are individually hand-made with a cotton band to give you the best lightweight and unique style that seamlessly blends with your real lashes.

The lightweight mink hairs and the flexibility of the cotton lash strip allows the lash band to absorb the glue,mold comfortably to your eyelid, and stay in place all-day-long!


While mimicking the look of $200 professional lash extensions, each of our styles are full of unique voluminous hairs individually sewn together allowing you to archive the natural, "lashes only" look.

Perfect not only just for the everyday makeup, or your going out glam, but will also be your go-to for vacations, on-the-go makeup, or a hot day filled with parades, pictures, and roller coasters!

 Our lashes are quite essential for a day at the park!

These babies are MOUNTAIN APPROVED!

space, thunder, & splash!!!

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Wonderland Eyeliner Glue

Wonderland Eyeliner Glue

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"but there's room for a thousand, any volunteers?..."  

Special Edition Lash

"Foolish Mortal"



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