Experiment 626 is a 20-21mm cat-eyed & cross-stitched lash that has a longer and thicker length in the outer corner and gradually transitions to lighter and slightly shorter in the inner corners to give an elegant and elevated look! 


Cutting the lash band from the outer corner is recommended so the lash can fit accordingly. (cutting the extra band on the inner corner is also recommended, but not the hairs) 


Each order comes with a Lash brush and magnetic sliding case to maintain the quality and shape of the lash! If handled with proper care, lashes can get up to 25-30 uses!





Made from real mink hair. Mink hair is accumulated by the fallen hairs that are naturally shed from mink. No harm to the animals!!

Each lash is individually handmade, therefore each lash will be lightly different than the other but still have the same shape and style.



*Lash glue not included*

Experiment 626


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