Matte Black liner that also acts as an adhesive for your lashes.


Glides on smoothly and instantly ready for lashes to be applied.

Zero drying time, and exceptionally long lasting wear time of over 10 hours (without touch ups!)


This super tiny and slim, this liner is smaller than the average iPhone, and is designed for portable touch ups if needed through out the day!

great to have as an emergency when you’re out!



- If doing a “winged” eyeliner, best to use your regular desired eyeliner, then line your lash line with the Wonderland Eyeliner Glue.

- lay the felt tip pen horizontally along your lash line, then make small strokes to create a cohesive line.

- Go over your line twice to ensure full application

- Pay attention to your inner and outer corners of your lashes when applying.

-Do not wait too long after applying liner to apply lashes! Best to apply lashes as soon as you apply the liner. (this liner is like magic!)

Wonderland Eyeliner Glue